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Theater Management System

TMS (Theatre Management System) is a tool that allows a cinema operator to control many functions from a central point.  Goldenduck is an appointed dealer for the industry-leading AAM TMS software SCREENWRITER as well as the complete suite of AAM cinema software.


  • Control of all screens from a single easy-to-use interface
  • Automation of time consuming and error prone tasks
  • Seamless integration with the widest range of projectors, servers, POS systems and other devices
  • A central hub for content and KDM management
  • Intuitive drag and drop playlist management and scheduling
  • Centralised monitoring of all operations and proactive warning of potential issues

Download the SCREENWRITER brochure here

In addition to SCREENWRITER, AAM offers a suite of software to make managing your cinema or circuit easier.

PRODUCER is an enterprise TMS that works across a whole cinema circuit to manage content, centralise cinema operations and automate processes, all from head office. The software provides information from each site back to head office and gives a bird’s eye view of exactly what is happening at your cinemas.

Producer allows cinema circuits to fully enjoy the benefits of digital cinema by automating day-to-day tasks, providing early alerts to any problems, reducing human error and keeping all your cinemas running smoothly.

LIFEGUARD is a set of tools for the monitoring and support of digital cinema projection equipment. Lifeguard ensures customers have the best movie-going experience possible by continually monitoring equipment performance - helping to optimise presentation quality and minimise lost shows through early identification and resolution of potential problems.

Designed specifically for cinemas in collaboration with exhibitors and experienced cinema NOC operators, Lifeguard helps to minimise missed shows and support costs with automated alerting. Powerful reporting gives insight into equipment and consumable performance to inform better purchasing decisions. Your digital cinema equipment is safer with Lifeguard.

LOCKSMITH. Automated KDM delivery from Locksmith automates the entire KDM process - saving time and reducing the chance of errors so that KDMs just work.

Locksmith removes the need to email individual keys to cinemas, instead allowing distributors to email all KDMs to Locksmith, which then examines each KDM, calculates which screen it relates to, and delivers it directly to the screen server, ready for use.

Comprehensive reporting allows exhibitors to see which KDMs have been successfully delivered and ingested, and which haven’t. The web-based interface allows exhibitors to check on the status of KDMs from anywhere, at any time, with proactive alerts to any errors.

Replacement KDMs can be requested at any time from Locksmith, giving exhibitors more control.

Let Locksmith's automated KDM delivery help you avoid missed shows.

ADFUSER. AAM’s AdFuser takes cinema advertising to a whole new level, and every cinema running screen advertising should see how this software takes the hard work out of planning and reporting advertisement screenings.

  • Advanced rules and filters for targeting cinema advertising like never before
  • Optimisation of available inventory to help increase revenue from cinema advertising
  • Automated processes to minimise errors

Plan. Target. Build. Deliver. Every time.

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