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Speaker & Amplifier

For power amplifiers and speakers, Goldenduck is proud to partner with the Harman group, now owned by Samsung, whose Crown amplifiers and JBL speakers offer great acoustic performance at a price that’s hard to beat.

Harman’s Crown DSi series amplifiers from the heart of many cinema sound systems around the world.  With automatic presets for popular JBL speaker systems the configuration is quick and easy. Crown Audio built their amps from the ground up to create an unmatched level of performance and quality.

Crown DSi 1000


JBL Speakers

JBL speakers offer excellent and consistent quality at a realistic price which is why the majority of our customers prefer them.  Goldenduck can tailor a JBL speaker system to each individual cinema hall, ensuring optimum sound reproduction irrespective of the hall size.

JBL’s new 9300 series of surround speakers shape the sound radiation pattern of the room into a pattern that complements the screen channels, forming what JBL call “Sculpted Sound”.  This considerably expands the sound “sweet spot” and also enables us to cut down on the number of surround speakers.  JBL has also developed the 9350, which has a configurable sound dispersion pattern ideally suited to rear surrounds.



For over 30 years, QSC has been bringing out the magic in cinema sound. They’ve built a reputation for unmatched quality, performance, and reliability as the only major manufacturer of complete cinema solutions. With processing, amplification, and loudspeakers integrated into a seamless whole, QSC is the complete solution for all your cinema sound needs.

The popular DCA amplifiers and SC-series speakers are at the heart of many cinema sound systems, your local Goldenduck office can advise what’s right for your location.



The secret of SLS’ success stems from the use of new Planar Ribbon Driver TechnologyTM combined with their proprietary horn, woofer and cabinet designs. With the development of exotic new materials used in the manufacture of their drivers, extreme high outputs are achieved with a fidelity and clarity known only in world class audiophile speaker systems. The ultra-low distortion and extremely fast transient response of their high-frequency drivers allow their speakers to produce accurate sound over a wider dynamic range. The result, unprecedented musical detail at high sound levels with much less listener ear fatigue.

SLS is now a division of Dolby Laboratories, merging Dolby’s many years of experience in cinema sound with the unique history and expertise of SLS.   If you would like to learn more and whether SLS would be right for your next project, give Goldenduck a call.


Founded in 1988 and located in Ningbo, China, Soundking is an internationally recognized company in the field of professional audio, featuring pro-audio for every size of the auditorium; specialist music amplifiers; portable sound equipment and related accessories; and, of course, cinema sound.

Their complete range of cinema speakers, processors and amplifiers provide an economical solution for every size of cinema hall.

If you are looking for quality on a budget then talk to us about Soundking.

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