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It’s very important to select the right screen relative to the hall size and operational requirements. Goldenduck’s design team can model your requirements using their exclusive software and advise on the ideal screen size and type for each cinema hall.  

White screens (not suitable for polarised 3D systems) are typically available in matte white (1.0 gain), 1.4 gain, 1.8 gain, and 2.2 gain.   Silver screens (needed for polarised 3D) are typically 2.4 and 3.0 gain.

Using the correct screen gain can help you reduce the required projector light level, thus saving on xenon lamps and perhaps enabling you to use a smaller projector.  

Don’t forget that screens will lose their effectiveness due to dust and other environmental factors, and should be replaced from time to time in order to maintain adequate picture brightness.

Goldenduck can also provide frames for mounting screens. These frames can be with or without motorized masking.

In addition to standard cinema screens, Goldenduck can also provide customised motorized or manual roll-up screens for multi-use locations.  

We deal with major suppliers such as Harkness and Screen Solution, so we can always find the right screen for you at a competitive price – whether it’s for a small hall or a premium large format cinema.