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Digital Projector

In some territories Goldenduck is pleased to offer CHRISTIE projectors, please check with your local office to see if we can supply in your area.

The Christie suite of projectors includes xenon, phosphor laser and RGB laser with models to suit every size of screen.

Christie Traditional Xenon Lamp Projectors

CP2308 xenon lamp projector, up to 9,000 lumens with a 2.1kW lamp. A versatile projector for smaller halls using Christie’s latest Series 3 electronics.

CP2215 xenon lamp projector, up to 15,000 lumens with a 2.3kW lamp. This is a proven and popular projector for medium sized screens.

CP2220 xenon lamp projector, up to 22,000 lumens with a 3kW lamp.  Another tried and tested member of the Christie range.  Also available in 4k version, CP4220.

CP2230 xenon lamp projector, up to 33,000 lumens with a 6kW lamp, this top of the range machine is perfect for big screens up to 30m wide.  Also available in 4k version, CP4230.

Christie Laser Phosphor Projector

CP2208-LP laser phosphor projector,  8,000 lumens for screens up to about 10m. wide. The CP2208-LP is a low maintenance and affordable choice.

Christie RGB Laser Projector

CP42-LH RGB laser projector is the perfect choice for PLF or other flagship big screens.

The Christie scalable laser illumination platform consists of rack-mounted laser modules. Each laser module produces up to 5,000 lumens of white light. Because of the scalability of this platform, up to 12 laser modules can be easily added, removed, activated or disabled depending on the brightness requirements. This provides up to 60,000 lumens per rack. Shorter racks with a capacity of seven laser modules, or up to 35,000 lumens, are also available. Each laser module is also independently cooled, providing built-in fault protection, improved efficiency and ultimate reliability.

Christie® Duo is a dual-projection integration kit. With it, you can generate twice the projected brightness for sharper, superior 2D and 3D images. But you get none of the high cost or hassle that comes with current industry ‘big screen’ premium solutions.

Brighter projection lets you give your audiences a superior, stand out theatre experience.

You can purchase the Christie Duo integration kit with either 2K or 4K Christie Solaria® Series digital cinema projectors or as a stand alone integration kit for other Christie projectors.


Goldenduck is the main dealer for NEC digital cinema projectors in Southeast Asia, and we’re proud to represent this reliable and economic brand.

The NEC range covers traditional xenon and mercury lamp projectors, laser phosphor and RGB (red, green & blue) laser.

If you’re not sure of the difference between laser phosphor and RGB laser, the picture above illustrates the different light sources and light paths.  Laser phosphor takes advantage of the fact that blue lasers are cheaper to produce but has the disadvantage that the level of brightness and laser module lifespan that can be achieved are generally lower than that of RGB.  Nevertheless,  laser phosphor is a good option in terms of ease of operation and maintenance – no xenon lamps to stock and change, and low electricity consumption. It’s also ideal for booth-less situations where you want to install the projector and then forget about it!

NEC Traditional Mercury and Xenon Lamp Projectors


NC1000C with 2 x 400W NSH lamps.  Suitable for 2D 1.8 gain screens up to about 9m. wide.   Simple to operate with low cost of ownership.  Goldenduck has many of these projectors in use across the region. Ideal for booth-less situations.

NC1200C xenon lamp projector.  Delivers 9,300 lumens with a 2kW xenon lamp.  For screens up to 12-14m. wide.

NC2000C xenon lamp projector.  Delivers up to 18,300 lumens with a 4kW lamp.  Perfect for medium size screens.

NC3200S xenon lamp projector.  Delivers up to 33,000 lumens with a 7kW lamp for big screens.   Also available in a 4k version NC3400S-A

NEC Laser Phosphor Projectors

NC1201L. This compact laser phosphor machine is proving very popular with our customers for its ease of operation and low cost of ownership. It’s quiet (<47dB) and ideal for booth-less operation.  For 1.8 gain 2D screens up to about 10m wide.

NC1700L. This projector will deliver a picture up to about 14m. wide using a 1.8 gain screen.


NEC RB Laser Phosphor Projector

NC3541L. This new addition to the NEC range delivers up to 35,000 lumens for the biggest screens.

NEC RGB Laser Projector

NC3540LS.  This flagship RGB projector produces up to 35k lumens to fill the biggest screens.  Uses a separate laser module, not shown.