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Audio Processor

Goldenduck knows sound like nobody else.  Let our Dolby-certified experts help design the sound for your cinema.

Sound reproduction starts with the processor, and our partners at Dolby have the best.  The CP850 (below) will play both Dolby ATMOS and normal 7.1.  With ATMOS, sound moves around the audience in three-dimensional space, so moviegoers feel like they’re inside the action! And with no shortage of both Hollywood and regional titles available in the ATMOS format, your customers will appreciate the difference.  Also note that Dolby’s IMS3000 server has audio processing built in, and just needs an additional license to play ATMOS.

If you want normal 5.1 or 7.1 sound, then the CP750 audio processor (below) offers Dolby reliability at a cost-effective price.

QSC Cinema digital signal processors and booth monitors provide all of the functionality you need to set-up, equalize, monitor, and control your entire B-chain.

By combining crossovers and booth monitors with routing, EQ, and status monitoring, QSC processors integrate key functions into a single network-ready environment that gives you fast setup and intuitive, unified control.  Crossover and EQ presets in QSC processors optimize performance for each of their loudspeaker models, so their systems sound great right out of the box, saving you costly setup time. And simplified network interfacing for audio, monitoring, and control data cuts your wiring costs and enables remote operation and status monitoring of systems in multiple auditoriums, from on site or off.

The extensive QSC range now includes the USL series of processors, including the popular JSD-100, an eight channel digital audio processor with the capability of expanding up to 32 channels.

Please ask your local Goldenduck office for advice and pricing for QSC/USL products.

For further information click here  https://www.qsc.com/cinema/products/