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Goldenduck manufactures a range of accessories for digital cinema.  All are fully warranted against defects for one year.

Projector Pedestal

Digital projectors need to be firmly mounted to prevent any sort of movement.  Goldenduck’s steel pedestals provide a solid base that fixes the projector in position whilst allowing for vertical adjustment to ensure perfect alignment with the screen.  The 19U pedestal itself can house a server, keyboard and monitor, automation and UPS.

Sound Rack

Goldenduck’s sound racks come complete with internal power distribution and fan cooling. They’re available in 12U, 15U, 36U and 42U sizes.  Various accessories are available to customize your rack. Available with or without quick connect speaker junction box. Junction box

Goldenduck manufactures the GD-ACI-II automation interface. This receives the automation information set by the projectionist on the DCP playlist and activates lights, masking and sound fader according to the settings.  The GD-ACI-II also stops any power spikes from these peripheral items from affecting the server. 
The GD-ACI-II is suitable for most projectors, but where an alternative is required (such as with Christie’s Solaria and Solaria One projectors) we offer Jnior Digital Cinema Controllers from Integ. So whatever your automation needs Goldenduck has it covered.

Sound Monitor

Goldenduck also makes the GD-M-8E 8 channel sound monitor. This is intended to be not only a means by which the technician can listen to the film being shown, but also as a trouble-shooting diagnostic tool. The monitor is designed to work with bi-amplified and tri-amplified cinema systems, 5.1 or 7.1 sound and with any make of audio processor.

Surround Speaker Brackets

Goldenduck makes a comprehensive range of brackets for surround speakers.

GD Music Distribution System

The GD Music Distribution System is designed to deliver background music from one central player to individual auditoria and the cinema lobby. The unit is equipped with a high quality balance-unbalance circuit. The system  consists of 2 modules, Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX) with stereo input and output which can be individually adjusted by separate potentiometers. The unit is compact (only 1U) and can be mounted  inside the sound rack.

GD Projection & Viewing Ports

Goldenduck’s newly designed projection port with a clear opening of 700x500 mm,  (viewing port 500x400mm), gives a wider projection area for easy monitoring. Both the viewing and projection ports are sealed to prevent acoustical leakage, and are easily opened for cleaning. In addition, the projection port is angled to minimize reflection back to lens.