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Outdoor Cinema

60 years ago in Thailand, going to the Cinema was not the same as it is today. Many Thai cinemas at that time would move around from one place to another, from one city to another, all over the country, showing movies.

Known as “Outdoor Cinema” the 35mm projection, screen, and audio equipment were put onto one truck. During the day, this truck traveled around advertising the venue together with what movies would be shown that night. In the evening, the cinema would be set up in a huge courtyard. The screen size could be as big as 16m wide or as small as 10m. As many as 500 people would attend with shows going on late into the night.

The ticket price was so cheap at only THB10 (about USD 0.25 ). Vendors would set up carts in the surrounding area selling food and drinks, and people would sit on a mat or just on the grass to enjoy the movies. After the show finished, the equipment was dismantled and loaded back onto the truck ready to drive to the next place – or if the attendance was very good the operator might stay for another night at the same venue.

These days, because of the expansion of multiplex cinemas in shopping malls, the number of outdoor cinemas has decreased significantly and their venues used for other purposes.

However, despite this and the demise of 35mm film, the tradition of outdoor cinema is still alive and well. Goldenduck was originally founded to support outdoor cinema shows, and 40 years on we’re still providing support for the remaining Thai mobile exhibitors. Only now some are using laser projection!

We can also help with outdoor events where big picture projection is required. 

If you have a requirement for outdoor and/or mobile cinema please speak to us. We can supply all your needs, even including many 35mm parts and lamps if needed.