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Laser Projection


The term “laser projection” actually covers several different laser-based products.  Here’s how they differ.

White laser light is produced by combining red, green and blue light inside the projector, abbreviated to “RGB”. RGB projectors use red, green and blue laser diodes in each laser module, and multiple modules to increase the brightness level as required.  Here’s a schematic of how it works. In reality there will be more than one set of RGB laser diodes coupled to a single fibre optic link, or “light pipe”.

RGB is the top of the range where you need a lot of light for PLF or similar large screen situations. It’s possible to achieve up to 60,000 lumens, with laser modules having a lifespan of 30,000 hours with only 20% loss of light over that period.

However, it’s expensive, to some extent due to the cost of producing the green diodes.  Because of this projector manufacturers have come up with ways of eliminating the green diode but still being able to produce white light.

This is where the yellow phosphor wheel comes in, the so called “laser phosphor”. Using just the cheaper blue diode it’s possible to create white light by using a combination of a phosphor wheel and a colour wheel, as shown in this following picture.

This saves the expense of the green diode, but using just a blue diode (or 2 blue diodes) is obviously less bright than using RGB.   A recent innovation is to use blue and red diodes, still omitting the expensive green diode and creating the green colour with the aid of a phosphor wheel. This helps increase the brightness, although the life of the diodes is generally less than RGB

All leading projector manufacturers use these technologies, whilst still continuing to support traditional xenon lamp-based machines.  Laser projection offers low maintenance and reliability which is ideal for boothless situations, as well as for conventional projection rooms.

Please let Goldenduck help you decide which projector model is right for your location and budget.