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Boothless Projection System

In the earliest days of cinema 35mm film was highly inflammable, and the projection booth was born out of the necessity of having to separate the inflammable film from the audience. Of course as the industry evolved the booth became more of a place to contain the equipment noise rather than fire, and to allow projectionists to lace up the film and make regular adjustments to the projector easily and out of sight of customers.
Fast forward to the present day and now film has gone, and with it the mechanical noise associated with moving it through a projector. Modern digital equipment does not require constant monitoring or attention, and with phosphor or RGB laser projectors there’s not even any need to change the lamp on a regular basis.
So, it’s now quite possible to consider going boothless, thus saving the construction cost and possible rent and operating costs associated with having a large dedicated projection room. Generally, boothless takes 2 forms. The first is a cupboard or other space at the back of the cinema hall, perhaps positioned above the entrance. It’s a mini projection booth just housing the one projector, server or IMS and perhaps the sound rack and accessed via a small door or hatch.
The second is putting the projector in the auditorium, suspended above the audience using a specially created housing with perhaps a lift mechanism to allow the projector to be lowered for servicing. This method is best suited to the lower maintenance and quieter laser phosphor projectors, and in this scenario the sound rack is situated elsewhere in the cinema.
Apart from savings on construction and operating a projection room, boothless also enables cinema halls to be squeezed into spaces with limited headroom – such as shop units, offices, etc. – opening up more flexibility as to where a cinema can be located.
At Goldenduck we’ve had a lot of experience with boothless and even make our own housing system. So please let us guide you from the earliest planning stage of your new cinema so that we can recommend the best solution for your particular location.