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3D Digital Cinema

One of the significant benefits of digital cinema projection is the ability to show great 3D pictures. But, like everything else, this needs to be carefully planned as part of the overall projection system.

These days the popular 3D choices are passive polarized systems, using a silver gain screen and generally disposable glasses. Goldenduck works with several different 3D system manufacturers depending on the customer’s requirements and budget.

When it comes to 3D we talk about “light efficiency”, usually expressed as a percentage.  So, when we talk about a “30% light efficiency” we mean that only 30% of the light from the projector is reaching the viewer.  This is a function of the polarized filter in front of the projection lens, and of the 3D glasses worn by the customer. The filter and the glasses both reduce the amount of light passing through them, so it’s essential to allow for this when choosing a projector that’s going to be used for 3D.  3D pictures can be notoriously dim!

Normal 3D systems have about 17% efficiency, whilst “high brightness” systems can deliver up to about 33%.    

There are also “active” 3D systems which use special reusable shutter glasses activated by an infra red transmitter, and Dolby 3D which also uses unique reusable glasses.

It’s important to have the right total system for the best 3D pictures. Let Goldenduck advise which projector, 3D system and screen type combination is right for your cinema.