Design & Consultation

With over 35 years of expertise in cinemas we offer a complete range of consultancy services to
ensure the best possible movie viewing experience for your customers.

Provide Equipment

Our objective is to recommend the best projection equipment choice for each project that we work on, with solutions for 2K, 4K,  and PLF from leading manufacturers. We also can offer booth-less solutions, xenon or laser light sources, 3D systems, and the latest server and media block technology. Our Goldenduck automation system allows easy management of lights, masking, and audio fader.

For audio systems, whether it’s 5.1, 7.1 or Dolby ATMOS we can offer the audio processor, amplifiers and speakers to provide the total solution for your cinema.

For management systems, we have world leading TMS and NOC software to serve your needs. Visibility of your entire circuit is just a click away anywhere anytime on any device.

System Installation & Commissioning

Wherever your project is situated, we employ a qualified, experienced installation team to ensure  that everything is installed and aligned correctly to give your customers the best possible picture and sound experience.  And we never miss an opening deadline!

Maintenance & 24x7 Support

We offer preventive maintenance to extend the life span and to ensure the optimum performance of your projection and audio equipment. This service helps give you trouble-free operation, and vastly helps minimize down time. When unpredictable problems do occur, we can provide 24/7 support by telephone or IMS and, if necessary, despatch an engineer to site with the appropriate parts to get you back on the screen.  The show must go on!

Mastering & Duplication

Goldenduck can take your content (feature film, advertising, local promotions, trailers etc.) in any format and convert it to a DCP (with or without encryption) for playback in any standard digital cinema.  We can add KDMs to restrict playback and can also duplicate and distribute DCPs.


Goldenduck’s installation and commissioning service includes training your staff in the operation and basic maintenance of their new equipment, and we’re always available on the phone or IMS to give help and advice to your technicians when they need it.  In case you would like to strengthen your team’s knowledge we can provide dedicated training on various topics either on site or in one of our training facilities.