Why use a system integrator (SI)? A digital projection system consists of many different components Server Projector Screen Screen frame Sound processor Amplifiers Loudspeakers Plus optional items like Automation TMS
60 years ago in Thailand, going to the Cinema was not the same as it is today. Many Thai cinemas at that time would move around from one place to
No other system integrator in Southeast Asia has as much experience with ATMOS as Goldenduck. We’ve commissioned more than 90 ATMOS halls throughout the region.  We start by designing the
In the earliest days of cinema 35mm film was highly inflammable, and the projection booth was born out of the necessity of having to separate the inflammable film from the
LASER PROJECTION The term “laser projection” actually covers several different laser-based products.  Here’s how they differ. White laser light is produced by combining red, green and blue light inside the
Using AAM’s software, our NOC (Network Operations Centre) provides your circuit with the very best 24/7 technical support by having Goldenduck take ownership of your equipment problems. From our NOC
In recent years the concept of “4D” has become increasingly popular.   There’s a range of systems to choose from, starting with a transducer in the seat to sophisticated systems
One of the significant benefits of digital cinema projection is the ability to show great 3D pictures. But, like everything else, this needs to be carefully planned as part of